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Intelligence Fusion Platform

Provide an agile intelligence fusion platform based on multi-layer AI & ML analytical processing.

AI supremacy is a challenge when combined with the tsunami of information coming in from many different sources in many different formats. Tackling this information and turning it into actionable intelligence at mission speed is a continuing challenge to decision makers today.

LP3 describes a leap ahead Intelligence Fusion Platform using existing industry tested technologies, assisting in scalable streamlining, and sensemaking of the exponentially growing volume and fidelity of intelligence data. Using AI/ML to help analysts work more efficiently and effectively, our approach delivers high-level analysis, detailed actionable information, to decision makers at scale. Analysts will rapidly surface, fuse, visualize, and create actionable high-fidelity content and data across the intelligence spectrum from open source to highly classified sources across domains.

Intelligence Fusion AI & ML platform that:

  • Accelerates analytics for speed to mission
  • Expands mission capabilities by increasing analytical content & scope
  • Improve analytical intelligence products
  • Teams-of-Teams Collaborative Approach

Provides open & secure pipeline to:

  • High-scale delivery of content and data from anywhere to a datalake
  • Pre- or post-process AI models on content and data
    • Use OpenText AI & ML models
    • Leverage existing AI & ML models, import others
  • Scalable, Sustainable, with elasticity to expand based on World events
  • Analytics and Compute Power to the Mission Edge
  • Agnostic Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid Deployment
  • Cross-Domain connectivity with other systems and data sets

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Objectives

The Intelligence Fusion Platform is driven by AI, ML and NLP algorithms with the ability to leverage existing AI/ML models by securely importing them into the Platform.

The Platform will incorporate strategic objectives (not limited to):

  • AI & ML Support to Information Gathering.
  • Information Gathering Rules of Engagement built into AI/ML rules engine.
  • AI & ML Support to Dynamic Threat Analysis.
  • AI & ML Tools, Collection, Research, Monitoring, Automation, Database Development, Data, & Reporting.
  • ML Support Workflow Automation.
  • Tools for Predictive Analysis, Alerting, Indications & Warning (I&W).
  • AI & ML Support to Operations.
  • AI & ML Support to Finished Intelligence Products & Knowledge Management.

The ability to integrate and leverage innovative technology for strategic analysis is vital in generating and sustaining decision making advantage over increasingly sophisticated rivals. To maintain the analytic edge, the proposed Intelligence Fusion Platform provides for envisioning, planning, and resourcing the analytic missions of the future, today, while rapidly embracing and assimilating emerging technologies into the Fusion Platform. Bridging the continuum from current manual processes to future AI augmented analytic capability will be the decision makers themselves thriving today while laying the digital groundwork, institutional priorities, and cultural norms for future success.

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