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Most Americans are unaware that children are being groomed by traffickers every day. In addition, the domestic anti-sex trafficking sector is fragmented and in need of leadership, organization, strategic input and cohesive program management.

Most organizations do not have the means and tools needed to effectively serve victims of sex trafficking. New and innovative ways are required to combat demand for purchased sex, raise awareness to this nationwide epidemic, and provide safe environments for victims.

Untrafficked™ was established to mobilize and equip America to stop child sex-trafficking, help survivors heal and give them hope for a brighter future.

We developed a platform to equip our members and collaborate with well vetted anti sex-trafficking organizations in order to bring support and operational structure to compassionately and effectively serve victims.

It will take collaboration to win this war.


LiveUp Programs creates welcoming communities where adults with Down Syndrome and their peers can be their best selves.

Our participants and volunteers strengthen social and life skills, gain confidence and lead healthy lifestyles.

We are an accepting and energetic family that celebrates and empowers all individuals while advocating for a more inclusive world.


LiveUp Programs is a fiercely committed group of collaborators who run on enthusiasm and determination, creating an environment with an unmistakable energy. The programs become an experience that’s greater than each person’s hopes, ideas and dreams.


LiveUp Programs is a close-knit, family of friends who love making memories together, love spreading the joy, and love what makes each of us special. We pair participant and volunteer one-to-one for a weekend of adventures that changes lives and creates strong advocates for the Down syndrome community.


LiveUp Programs was founded in 2011 by three volunteers to provide fresh programming for adults with Down syndrome. Our first program was held in Washington, D.C. and welcomed 16 participants. Since its inception, LiveUp has served 200 individuals with Down syndrome, engaged 450 volunteers, provided 60 scholarships for participants to attend LiveUp, and hosted an endless number of dance parties.

We are committed to your security.

Let us help you keep your organization safe from a cyberattack.

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