DFARS Compliance

with a comprehensive 5-step process.

We help DoD Contractors meet the new DFARS security requirements

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Information Assurance Experts

remediation planning, controls implementation, and continuous monitoring.

Our services include security assessment, gap analysis, risk assurance,

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Cyber Risk Assessment

vulnerable to hackers and security threats to you and your customers.

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Cyber Risk Assessment

On a mission to Protect America

We believe in protecting our country and this clear focus is at the core of everything we do as a company. LP3 supports businesses of all sizes. Our smallest client is a two-person financial advisory office. Our largest client is scaling up to 600,000 desktops. LP3 can help you secure your organization and prevent hackers from disrupting your operations.

Protecting the Nation’s most critical data

Protecting the industrial backbone of America

Giving back and paying forward to our communities

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