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Incident Response Management

Incident response management is critical for both preventing data breaches and ensuring a fast and smooth recovery after a breach. However, many organizations don’t have the resources or expertise they need to perform cyber threat management or create an effective incident response plan (IRP).

LP3 helps organizations of all sizes throughout the U.S. upgrade their threat management and incident response processes so they are better equipped to protect sensitive data and minimize the impact of a cybersecurity incident.


LP3’s seasoned incident responders use years of cyber-attack and threat group data to help you respond to and mitigate cyber incidents efficiently and effectively.


Organizations will experience a data breach within 24 months


Incident response engagements annually


LP3 follows the SANS institute guidelines for handling incidents in six efficient steps:

  1. Prepare – Take preventive steps and establish a plan and a team that can hit the ground running when an incident occurs.
  2. Identify – Determine if an incident has actually occurred and quickly estimate the scope of damage done.
  3. Contain – In the event of an incident, quickly contain the problem by isolating it – take systems offline, disconnect from the network, shut down or unplug.
  4. Eradicate – After identification and containment, fix the problem – install patch, remove malware, or replace corrupted file.
  5. Recover – After restoration, run a vulnerability scan to ensure there are no other holes, bring systems back online and bring business back to normal.
  6. Learn – Take time to reflect on your team performance. Document lessons learned – both positive and negative so you can tighten controls, strengthen or expand preventative measures, and improve your response in preparation for your next incident or security event.

LP3’s Cybersecurity Team has SANS-certified incident handlers trained to detect, respond to, and recover from a variety of cybersecurity incidents—from intruders on the network to deeply entrenched malware.

We are on a mission to PROTECT your data, privacy, and infrastructure.

Let us help you keep your organization safe from a cyberattack.

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