LP3 Risk & Compliance Assessment Services

Our services include security assessment, gap analysis, and risk assurance.

Cyber resilience, remediation planning, controls implementation, and continuous monitoring.

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LP3 has divisions and subsidiary companies that help government, commercial, and R&D customers “Produce, Protect and Perform.”

  • We help customers produce capabilities quicker and with better results using proven streamlined processes;
  • We help customers protect systems with the right Information Assurance and Security Engineering applied in the right way;
  • We are the company that ensures system users can conduct mission critical work by using our proven cyber and performance engineering processes and tools to strike the critical balance between protection and performance.


LP3 provides our customers with world class System Engineering and System Architecture development by utilizing proven processes for developing rapid results.

We offer faster delivery of software and systems capability, more capability for the same investment, and an accurate scalability model for informed planning


LP3’s Cyber Security expertise provides a full range of balancing protection and performance ensuring networked services have Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability as well as performance.

Our SMEs identify vulnerabilities, but more importantly, they analyze the environment and prioritize actions to help customers allocate limited resources to the most critical security issues.

We offer a multitude of cyber services which include real-time monitoring, insider threat analysis, incident response, and low & slow detection (Advanced Persistent Threat – APT).


LP3 supports performance root cause determination and trend analysis with both passive and high fidelity performance assessment approaches.

We offer a number of performance engineering services such as Performance Engineering and Virtual Prototyping (PeVP).

We also use proven processes like Cyber and Performance Engineering (CAPE) to provide solid engineering approaches to strike the balance between protection and performance.