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Don’t Be An Accomplice To Cyber Criminals

Vulnerabilities, Phishing, Internet Privacy only relate to big business, right? Well, we would have to say that you’re totally wrong. Cyber security is a problem for everyone, from the end user at home to the large organization. It is definitely something we all need to be concerned with. Don’t believe me! Well maybe you will […]

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) – The First Line of Defense for Strong Cyber Resilience

The C-suite has a new and immensely important addition. Now, sitting right next to the CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s is a C-level executive. The Chief Information Security Officer or CISO’s mission  is to deal with cyber security conditions. The corporate position is becoming vital in the corporate world because we face an age of Ransomware, […]

Is Your Company Suffering from Cyber Security Issues?

Data breach. Vulnerabilities. IAM security. To the average business owner these terms are pure mumbo jumbo. But if cyber security is defined as integrity, confidentiality and availability, then it is certainly something you need to understand, and if not then you need to get help to protect your computer information. It’s time you found someone […]

Over a Quarter of All Businesses Suffer Cyber Security Issues

Why undergo a cyber security penetration test? Most organizations simply do them to meet compliance standards or to test the methodologies used by the IT security team. However, did you know that about a quarter of all companies perform poorly executed penetration tests – and in some cases do nothing more than validate known vulnerabilities? […]

Wiper Malware Can Wipe You Out

You show up for work all bright and shiny one day, fire up your computers and…suddenly you feel your heart leap in your chest and your hands begin to shake. Your data, the lifeblood of your organization, has been erased. What happened? Now what are you supposed to do? When it is all wiped clean […]

Cyber Attacks Against Cryptocurrency Traders

Virus Alert: If you’re a cryptocurrency trader, this worm can cost you everything. Blockchain it is the new buzzword on the Net – the brainchild of a person or group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto. But since its invention it has changed into something of importance to everyone. What Is Blockchain? Blockchain allows for […]